my image"Freedom" is the word that came to my mind when I first started out as an abstract artist. I have a degree in graphic design but I've always wanted to pursue a career as an abstract painter. My work is all about "freedom"— both for myself and my audience. Once, someone asked me while I was painting, "What are you painting?". I replied, "What does it look like to you?" and she said it looked like a forest, so I said, "Then, I'm painting a forest." This is the kind of freedom of imagination I want my audience to experience. I like working with grid system. I guess it's probably because I'm a graphic designer still. Grid system keeps things in order and neat. Nonetheless, despite of the rigidness of the grid my work always conveys movement, energy and most importantly always engage the mind. My goal is to create artwork that you will find something new every time you look at it. The one that you will always come back to.

Please come visit me to find out more about my work at my studio on the first Sunday of every month at MOCA (Marin Museum of Contemporary Art) in Novato, California. Or, contact me to make an appointment to view at your convenience.